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Sign up by calling Donna, our Volunteer Coordinator, by sending an email to donnaa@shepherdcommunity.org or by calling 317.375.0203.


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Christmas Store - Wrappers - 8:15a-9:30a

The Christmas Store is the largest event Shepherd puts on all year. At the Christmas Store, parents of families in our programs are able to shop through a large selection of donated toys that we received through our toy drive. We are able to empower our families to pick out toys for their kids. Parents are able to leave Shepherd that day with a car full of gifts for their families to be opened on Christmas morning.

Christmas Festival 2019 - Cookies

Shepherd will host the Christmas Festival for our families to register for the Christmas Store. We will have cookies decorating, crafts, and a light lunch for those who attend. You can volunteer for the event from 1:15p-4:30, on Saturday, December 14th.